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The Amazing Book of the Month Featured for May 2022:

The Bush Connection©
by Erik ORION


The Bush Connection is an amazing, non-fiction, anti-Nazi, copyright protected history book that details the Bush Family's connection to Nazi war criminals, Adolph Hitler and the murder of Dr. Nikola Tesla.

Erik ORION, the worlds greatest & only "real" Nazi Hunter discloses the identities' of the following Most Wanted Nazi War Criminal / C.I.A. Employees:

#1. Otto Skorzeny was NOT a wanted Nazi war criminal after WWII.
# 2 George H. Scherff Jr.
#3 Dr. Josef Mengele
#4 Reinhardt Gehlen
#5 Alois Brunner
#6 Walter Rauff


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“Pyramid Power Plants is an amazing book. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down..."

— Bill Robinson

“I wasn't able to sleep at all. When I finished the book all I could think about is pyramids....“

— William H. Avery


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